Executive Search Consultant

Our Method

GSI's broad knowledge and extensive experience means we know what works best for you. Our methodology is a coupling of refined and reliable processes with acute attentiveness so that we can achieve excellent solutions that are attuned to even the finest details of our clients' needs.

1 Acquisition

Right from the very start, our consultants are commitment-compelled to understand your company in every aspect. From market stature and positioning to your unique culture, every element counts in making sure that we source and recommend the most suitable candidate for the job. Then we commence a thorough local and regional search, using multiple channels and innovative research process to sniff out only the best and most promising candidates for initial screening. The most effective candidate sourcing is done through a dynamic use of systemic approaches and intuitive methodologies. With a deep-seated knowledge of demographically and sensitive trends, we are able to capture candidates both active and passive.

2 Assessment

Perhaps the only step that is more critical than populating a pool of high quality talent is discerning the candidate who best suits a specific position. It is no easy task, but our capable consultants are up for the challenge of determining and aligning each eligible candidate's unique mix of competencies to your each and every requirement and preference. Complementing our broad pan-Asian perspective, our localized presence in five countries in Asia means we are truly familiar with the dynamics intrinsic to their markets. This enables us to perform thorough assessments of our candidates directly and efficiently so that our shortlists are delivered with unparalleled reliability and accuracy.

3 Identification

Our promise of commitment means that we see through every step with unwavering attention. Highly professional and people-oriented, our engaging consultants ensure that our representation of your company in the reference checks, various negotiation and offer stages are done with your peace of mind as our priority. Our partnership with you is sustained even beyond the finish line. Upon an acceptance of hire by a candidate, we go the extra mile with our onboarding and post-recruitment support to ensure that your new hire is assimilated into your company comfortably.